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Ways to avoid stage fear of students

There are mainly two kinds of students in our society. One is who wish to speak in front of others and other who scared to speak in front of a group of people. This is one of the common criteria that we can see among students that stage fright. Even highly confidents student also suffer because of the stage fright. If anyone has stage fright they may suffer due to nervous, shy when they need to perform in front of a group of people. It is not a sign of a good student and everyone should overcome the stage fear for became a perfect student. It is possible to overcome this problem by proper training and hard work. Good communication ability is one of the important features that increase the confidence level of the student to face the audience without any fear. In some situations, we can see that students feel difficult to present something if they prepared well also. This is all about their fear to face the audience. With proper training steps, it is possible to reduce the stage fear of the students.

Proper training and practice: Proper training is the shortcut for the success. Train the students to perform in front of some audience and surely we can reduce the stage fear of students quickly. Practicing in front of the mirror is the best way t improve the confidence level of the students. While doing like this, student can manage their own expressions and flow effectively. So he can find mistakes at the time of presentation and can correct it easily.

Keep relaxed: Most of the students get disturbed while thinking about presenting something in front of an audience. We can avoid these kinds of fear by proper meditation and by yoga. Involve in any activity reduce the thought of the fear and students can perform well in that process also. Yoga is the best method to keep our mind away from all the struggles and worries.

Taking healthy food: On the day of presentation, it is best to give healthy and diet food for students. This will help them from the entire disturbance related to stomach of the students. Don't force students to eat heavy means or lots of food, because of the tension students feel to vomit or any distraction at the time of presentation due to the over tension. We can avoid these kinds of situation by avoiding heavy food. Also avoid the use of caffeinated drinks and eat lots fruits and vegetable instead of that.

Being positive: Give positive spirit to students to improve their performance. Never make disappoint or tease their performance at any instance. It will automatically decrease their performance level. Never make such situation that drop the confidence level of a student. Instead of that encourage them to perform more and more and make a positive mentality in them. Good reviews from audience boost the confidence and self esteem of the students greatly and provide them more confidence to perform in good manner.

Get advice from professionals: It is one of the best methods to acquire good advice from the professional in that field. Don't hesitate to ask help from such kinds of people. They can surely give some advice to perform well in front of people. More than that, they can encourage students more than other people.

Present the occasion before the time: Many students lose their confidence due to the late arrival at that occasion. We can avoid this situations by reaches the place of presentation as early as possible. This will help to familiar with the surroundings and also possible to introduce with those audience. It will help students to reduce their fear to present in front of unknown persons. Talking with the audience before the presentation is helping them to improve their confidence level to perform in front of them. If anyone reaches late at the site, they will surely get tension and became nervous and they can't perform their best in front of them.

Present everything clearly: If we know about the topic to present clearly, we can avoid the difficulties to present in front of others up to a limit. It is proved psychologically that, if we know about something properly, our confidence level may increase to present that infront of others. To present clearly, it is important that to prepare well before presenting it. Don't present it too fast or too slow, never allow the audiences to get irritation by our presentation. Present only with aim to impress the audience.

Try to present naturally: Everyone wish to see the natural presentation from the participant. Don't try to by heart method to present something in front of audiences. Audience never likes to see the artificial presentation. They always expect something different from presentation. One can present naturally only with well preparation. It improves the confidence level of student also.

By following all these tips properly, one can easily escape from the stage fear and face audience without any hesitation or fear.

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