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Tips for improving my communication skill

In our society, people are giving importance for communication. We can't express our thoughts and ideas without communication. A new born baby initially gets training for improving his communication skill. His parents teach him how to communicate with other man. They can't improve their communication skill in one night, it need a lot of time. Compare to a new born baby, he has a good analyzing power. She watched all things more attention. We can see a baby watch your lips while you talking anything. But after childhood, in your teenage we need to face our society and world. Till this moment we spent our time at home, we were only so our family member. But while you entering world you must have a good communication skill. A lot of kind's people are living in our world. Each people behavior and attitude is not same. So we must understand the tone of each person and start communication based on their nature.

Most of the students are not improved their communication skill at their academic career. While you entering academic life, you will learn a lot of matters. Academic institutions don't teach only about text book, it is better place to improve your abilities and skills. Students are only studying their text books only. After completing their academic life students are facing job interviews with more tension, because they can't forward the interview with limited communication skill. A lot of multinational companies were started the business and millions of products placed at market. Companies placed their roots in business ground. As a business employee you need to face customer for your business. If you have poor communication skill, you can't convince your customer, so you will lose your customer. We need a good communication power at many places, that's why here we discussing about communication skill and how to it improve.

Primarily you must understand where you are standing at based on communication skill. You can't improve your communication skill and anything without your capacity and standing position. Check your communication skill with basis of below points. Using these criteria you can easily understand your standing position. students and a lot of people are don't give attention on below criteria, this way they can't maintain their communication with their clients and other people.

  • If your friends and relative or anyone talking to you, do you give full attention on their talks.
  • how to give replay for others' talks with basis of your thoughts
  • do you delayed your replay after fully heard other's talks
  • While you communicate with other people, do you watch their eyes?
  • have you had confidence and courage to talks with others based on any topics
  • how to react a bad new with you words
  • do you use encouraging and positive words in your talks
  • how to give attention on a subject
  • while you are meeting a stranger, how to start the conversation

After understanding the points, you must analyze where you are missed your points. Avoid the negative words and approach in your life also lives with calm and peace. You must improve your analyzing power also improve patience. While you talking to somebody, you must give your ears for him to listen their words. Anyone can't replay listen the talk and what they mean. Enter positive, simple, and strong words in your head's database. Don't use and include negative and complex words in your talks. Agree with your false movement and correct it very soon. If you are talking with someone, express full of energy and confidence through your words. Don't use "No", "NOT" in your conversations. It will give negative impact for your task. You must know and understand which type of people if waiting to speak you. It will very easy to use the words in your essay. While you taking with other, start the taking with simile and wishing. These points are helping you to find better way for improving your communication skill.

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